Who we are - and why we love what we do

A great team of tinkerers, creatives, nerds and a lot of heart is behind the company coconutbox. We are an innovative software agency based in beautiful Dresden in Germany and have been offering our customers an innovative marketing management system with unique functions since 2006.

Our story

Founded in 2006 as a classic software agency, we repeatedly encountered customers who wanted to structure and manage large amounts of data on their website or for an intranet or extranet. Classic content management systems failed due to the large number of data types or too low hosting capacities.

It quickly became clear that more had to be done. Starting as a 3-man team, more than 20 employees are now working daily to make our customers even happier with coconutbox. The impulse to constantly expand our knowledge and remain innovative keeps us moving. 


Our mission

We at coconutbox really only want one thing: to help with data chaos and endless stacks of paper, unclear folder structures and complicated image collections. We want to find a remedy for too many different software applications and support you in detaching from long-established work processes.

We help you to standardise and clearly structure processes. We offer help with planning, setting up, implementing and, above all, with questions and problems. Helping simply makes us happy. 


Our vision

With coconutbox we wanted to create a system that makes worldwide communication between companies - especially the sharing and consumption of digital content - as simple and efficient as possible and that can be operated by any user without training. For this purpose, we developed a system that consists of several modules and can thus be combined according to one's own wishes and needs.


diligent staff


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satisfied customers

We are always looking for creative, clever and likeable people who can make our team even stronger.

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The most important questions about the coconutbox

What is coconutbox?

coconutbox is a resource management system that can be used across departments. It accelerates and simplifies all processes in corporate communication through individual and very flexible system modules. The simple and modern user interface is effortlessly adapted to your company and easily integrated into the completely web-based platform.


Why coconutbox?

The coconutbox simplifies and accelerates all processes in your corporate communication with the help of different system modules:

  • the targeted coordination of tasks and workflows
  • the fast collaboration on different documents
  • the clever management of all data such as pictures, documents, videos, etc.
  • the simple publishing of HTML newsletters
  • the central publishing of print media
  • the structured control of content in all channels

We have aroused your interest? Test all advantages with our coconutbox demo version now!


Which module is right for me?

CONTENT - Storing, processing and publishing information of all kinds succeeds effectively and effortlessly with our central content management of coconutbox®.

CRM - Seamlessly bundle and manage customer service on all the channels: The CRM solution by coconutbox® offers flexible processes that adapt to the development of your company.

FILE - Secure communication with simplified, faster work processes: With our file programme the exchange of files becomes child's play.

MAIL - The user-friendly coconutbox® newsletter system masters internal and external mailings from simple to complicated - target group oriented and multilingual.

MEDIA - Administration and distribution of digital media is particularly efficient with our Digital Asset Management (DAM) by coconutmedia.

How much does the coconutbox cost?

The coconutbox adapts to your needs in the best possible way, not the other way round. Which services do you need exactly? What challenges do you have? Tell us about yourself and your company. This rounds off the overall picture for us, so that we can work out a targeted offer for you. As soon as we know all the inportant details, we can advise you comprehensively and quote you a reliable price.

Do I get technical support?

You have a technical question or need support? We offer FREE technical support to all customers with a maintenance contract. You can send all requests directly from coconutbox via email to our technical support. In our ticket system you have access to all requests from your company so that you can see the processing status at any time.

What about special requests?

Due to its modular structure, coconutbox can be configured individually and granularly and can therefore be customised down to the last detail - also thanks to flexible views, attributes, characteristics, categories and project management. Instead of current off-the-shelf trends, you will receive customised problem solutions from us. Contact us to receive a customised offer.

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