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Simplify and accelerate corporate communication and increase brand value. We help companies to simplify communication processes with the digital solution "coconutbox" to give more time to the people of your company.

coconutbox MEDIA

Get a perfect overview of all your media files. Let the Digital Asset Management System (DAM) flexibly search for files. Enter search criteria of your own choosing such as categories, keywords or individual characteristics. You will get a hit every time with our innovative Digital Asset Management System. And the DAM tells you exactly how many media are stored where.

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coconutbox CRM

With CRM you can bundle sales, marketing and service teams on a new level. Customers are enabled to collaborate sustainably via the customer relationship management system. With the exceptionally versatile CRM system, you create efficiency and exceptional customer experiences.

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coconutbox MAIL

Facilitate your marketing and expand your target groups. You can promote your service with simply created newsletters and thus sell products or services even more successfully. Use our e-mail marketing software for this.

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coconutbox FILE

The module FILE by coconutbox is an effective and GDPR compliant solution for the fast and legally compliant exchange of files. The file management helps to keep the overview of all files, to provide teams with a GDPR compliant workplace and to streamline everything from administration to distribution.

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coconutbox CONTENT

In the module CONTENT of coconutbox, existing data can be linked, managed, prepared for specific media, refined and prepared for publishing. Through the module all possible information - besides graphics and texts also videos, pictures, audio files as well as PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and other formats - are stored.

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coconutbox GDPR

The GDPR module offers support in planning, implementing and documenting your data protection management. It uses information already recorded in the MEDIA module, where information on uses and personal data is requested and processed.

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"Times change, tasks change, requirements grow - coconutbox keeps pace. Even if you have problems, neither our innovative software nor our friendly, expert support will let you down."

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