Add on - Our Desktop App

You have an appointment with the customer and do not want to or cannot access your coconutbox on site? With our app you only download the files you really need and can now quickly and securely conduct your presentations offline. As soon as you have access to the internet again, you can send the files requested by the customer. 

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Important files immediately in view

The app offers you the possibility to always have only the files, media and files on your mobile device that you need at the moment. This makes your projects even clearer. Your desktop app also shows you which files were last edited or newly added. This means you are always up to date.

Which file formats does the coconutbox app support?

The coconutbox app supports all common formats for documents, images, videos, audio and CAD. The app also creates automated previews for you, such as online sheet catalogues for the files mentioned.

Search and features at will

In our app, your files retain their specially defined characteristics or attributes. Thus, the search filter is available to you as usual. You can also create collections according to your own ideas.



Find your media faster! Simply centralise everything on a single platform and adapt the presentation and structure individually to your company.


Download only the files you need offline for your current project. This gives you a better overview and enables even faster loading times. Share your files as usual in the team, with the client or your contractor.


Our app also works with encryption. Synchronise your mobile device securely and quickly with a two-fold security query. Share complete folders, collections or individual files conveniently and DSGVO-compliant.


You will receive an individual icon for your app from us. Further individual customisations for the Dektop App are also possible on request.

Easy synchronisation!

  • dual security clearance

  •  logging in real time

  • immediate update when internet is available

  • manual synchronisation

Our service team will be happy to integrate the coconutbox app for you. Look forward to a fast, uncomplicated and legally secure data exchange. Contact us today by phone or email.

The most important functions of our Desktop APP


With the practical offline synchronisation of shared media, the app saves all changes and relevant information and synchronises them as soon as you have an internet connection again.


The coconutbox app encrypts your database and files securely and comfortably. This makes it ideal for freelancers who do not have direct access to your hardware.

Upload function

Upload files for further use in coconutbox directly in the app.


Design the desktop APP and the app icon in the look and feel of the client.

Creating collections

Use the coconutbox collections to create your own media collections. Share them with your desktop app to convince sales people at customer meetings or send your collections via app to external people for download.

Sharing via app

Within the app, selected media can be sent and downloaded directly for easy collaboration.

The most important questions about the coconutbox APP

Is there also an APP for the coconutbox?

Yes, the coconutbox also has an app.

With which operating system can the APP be used?

Our coconutbox APP can be used with Windows and Mac OS.

What advantages does the APP offer me?

Our coconutbox APP can be used in offline mode. Your media or data can also be accessed and edited without an internet connection.

Can I use the APP for all modules of the coconutbox?

Currently the coconutbox APP is only available for coconutbox MEDIA. In the future, however, it will be made available for all modules.

How do I get the pictures from the coconutbox MEDIA into the coconutbox APP?

The media that should also be made available for the APP can be defined via the coconutbox MEDIA, e.g. via a feature. When the APP is synchronised, these media are also available in the APP. Of course, an internet connection is then necessary for this.

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