The safest way for data exchange (FILE)

Exchange files quickly and legally compliant: With the FILE module from coconutbox, an effective and GDPR compliant solution is available for you. It supports you in keeping track of all files, providing your teams with a GDPR compliant workspace and streamlining the entire process regarding file management, administration and distribution.

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All files at a glance

The innovative display concept of our FILE module gives you a perfect overview of all files of your company at any time.
Let your coconutbox search for folders, keywords or individual characteristics. Our file management will always tell you exactly how many files are stored where.

Supported file formats in file management

Our module FILE by coconutbox supports all common formats for documents, images, videos, audio and CAD. The file sharing system also creates an automated preview for you such as online sheet catalogues for the mentioned files.

Configure search and features as desired 

With our file sharing system coconutbox FILE you can adapt structures of areas, folders and features as well as individual views to your personal wishes or project-related needs. Define your own characteristics or attributes for filtering files. Create collections freely according to your ideas.



The coconutbox module FILE centralises all files on a single platform. This way you will find files faster in the future, optimise your workflow and avoid unnecessary long searches.


With the FILE module you share files as well as information easily, securely and GDPR compliant from the file management system as you wish with internal or external persons.


All files required by the team can be kept in sync and managed and edited by the respective programs independently of the platform.


Manage a wide variety of versions with our FILE module: with or without a watermark, with a cut-out or rather plain. No wishes remain open here.

Upload, import and save

  • supports all file formats including video and audio
  • allows the upload of large quantities of files via drag & drop
  • automates imports and exports
  • transmits metadata (XMP, EXIF, IPTC)
  • checks duplicates

Access your files from anywhere or simply load them into your system via drag & drop or via automated processes or interfaces (API). Protect share links with passwords, limit their validity in time and detect changes via the log. It couldn't be simpler and more secure!

Practical example

The problem: All files only available locally

Sven had to work in his home office for a long time because of the Corona pandemic. Since all company files were only available locally, Sven had to take them home with him on a hard drive or his laptop. Now - since all employees are back in the office - there are unfortunately several versions of the same file, as other colleagues have also edited them. The documents have to be painstakingly puzzled together and no one feels responsible for them.

Our cloud-based solution

After the pandemic, Carolin's company decided to continue offering their employees the possibility of a home office. Since the company stores all files with coconutbox in a cloud, all employees from all locations can easily access and work on them together. No changes get lost and everyone can see who changed what last. The perfect win-win situation!

The most important functions in the FILE module

Advanced search

With our intelligent, detailed and advanced search you can search all files and metadata quickly and conveniently. In addition, it is also possible to save and share the search queries.

Assigning attributes

Assign attributes to media in the way that best suits you and your company. If you maintain these in a structured and careful way, they will be found very easily and long searches will become superfluous.

Folder system

Control your files easily folder-based and across departments with the help of coconutbox. Through our innovative and granular rights management, you can share your files with each other and restrict access to them.

File dispatch

End your files comfortably and quickly via our safest coconutbox by creating your personal online link and sharing it time-controlled via your communication tools. You want higher, bigger, further? With coconutbox the number of files and size are unlimited.

Creating collections

Use the coconutbox collections to create your own document collections. Share them internally with colleagues for collaboration or send your collections to external persons for download.

Saved search queries

Create personal searches to find frequently searched results more quickly.

The most important questions about coconutbox FILE

Can agencies and photographers simply upload files to coconutbox?

Yes, files can be categorised and/or tagged in advance. The agencies and/or photographers receive the corresponding link for uploading. In addition, they receive their own login and corresponding user rights through a registration form.

Which formats does coconutbox FILE support?

coconutbox supports common file formats like JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD, EPS, ...


Which download formats does coconutbox support?

The most important download formats such as predefined or own created formats are included. Here you can find more information: (Link to overview of supported formats)

For whom is a file management solution suitable?

coconutbox FILE is suitable for every company that works online in a team and wishes to be able to find all files centrally in one place.

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