Central Content Management (CONTENT)

In the module CONTENT of coconutbox existing data is managed as content, refined, linked and prepared media-specifically as well as prepared for publication. Our central content management system stores all kinds of information - besides texts and graphics also images, videos, audio files as well as PDF files, PowerPoint presentations and other formats.

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Always all processes in view

The clear layout of the CONTENT module makes it easy for you to keep everything in view at all times. You can define your own search criteria to quickly find your content and files: categories, special keywords as well as individual characteristics of certain contents. The Content Management of coconutbox does not leave you in the lurch!

Free creation of search criteria

Organise your content according to individual features and completely free structures or search terms. Create any combination of free-text search, search with features and categories or create personal searches to find frequently searched results more quickly.

Improve workflow

Create your own and personal collection of e.g. current projects, topic specific documents or research materials and create them as a collection for quick retrieval. Link records to files and users to each other quickly and easily. This improves your workflow and optimises your data structures.



Find any content you want instantly! With content management, you store all content centrally in just one place - suitably structured and ready for immediate retrieval.


The Content Management of coconut enables you to share single files of content as well as whole collections comfortably and securely. Send your content internally and externally.


Get meaningful information for the benefit of your inputs and campaigns including their characteristics: on processing, dispatch and distribution.


The coconutbox content management logs the complete use of your data sets. See exactly who has edited what and when on which content.

Build, set up and design

  • flexible declaration of the contents
  • free definition of properties and characteristics
  • automatic logging
  • rule-based archiving, blocking and deleting
  • managing different content by language

Build your basic concept with our content management. Enjoy the numerous options. Select features and attributes as you wish when setting up. You can also freely design the views according to your personal needs. coconutbox leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.Build your basic concept with our content management. Enjoy the numerous options. Select features and attributes as you wish when setting up. You can also freely design the views according to your personal needs. coconutbox leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.

Practical example

The problem: loss of knowledge due to high staff turnover

Maximilian is the head of a marketing department. When two important employees leave the team at the same time, he is faced with the challenge of continuing to manage all of their tasks. Unfortunately, there is no well-integrated and functioning knowledge database in the company, so the information that the employees have collected over many years is lost to the company. Maximilian does not know what to do.

Our solution: In-house Wiki

Tom is new to sales. Of course, all employees are happy to help him with open questions. When his supervisor suddenly falls ill, Tom can access the company's knowledge database thanks to the coconutbox. All relevant information and important insights are here. With the search filter he finds a suitable entry for every conceivable sales topic with links to important sub-topics. In this way, the company's knowledge is used optimally.

The most important functions in the CONTENT module

Advanced search

Search quickly and conveniently in all files and metadata with our intelligent, detailed and advanced search. It is also possible to save and share the search queries.

Assigning attributes

Assign attributes to contents in the way that best suits you and your company. If you maintain these in a structured and careful way, they will be easy to find and long searches will be superfluous.

Content export

Our helpful wizard makes importing and exporting easy for you! Export templates are available as CSV, XLS, PPT, DOC or PDF, among others.

Saved search queries

Create personal searches to find frequently searched results more quickly.

Creating collections

Use the coconutbox collections to create your own document collections. Share them internally with colleagues for collaboration or send your collections to external persons for download.


With our API, the connection to your company's internal systems is also possible. A quick creation of screen presentations and documents with our coconutbox assistant minimises your work processes and saves time.

The most important questions about coconutbox CONTENT

For which purposes coconutbox CONTENT is suitable?

Content management can be used for various scenarios: You are able to write your press releases and set an automatic publication date for the desired articles. You can also use coconutbox CONTENT as a product information system or as your own knowledge database.

Can I also write documents with CONTENT?

To create documents with coconutbox CONTENT you can use different file formats such as PDF or PPTX.

Do I still need Excel tables with coconutbox?

When using the module CONTENT of coconutbox you do not need an Excel programme anymore.

Can the CONTENT module also be used as a knowledge database?

Yes, coconutbox CONTENT can also be used as a knowledge database, see (insert link to knowledge database). However, coconutbox CONTENT can offer you much more than our knowledge database.

Does the coconutbox also work as an archive?

In principle, Content Management can also be used as an archive database. However, the exact details depend on what you imagine an archive system to be. To find out more, please contact our sales department.

What content can I insert?

The CONTENT module focuses on editorial content. However, one can also add all kinds of media or formats that are supported to each contribution.

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