Email marketing

Free your marketing from useless ballast and expand your target groups. Promote your service with easily created newsletters and sell your products or services even more successfully. Use our e-mail marketing software for this purpose.

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Create campaigns in a flash

With our intuitive newsletter tool from coconutbox you can create your own email campaigns within minutes. Our user interface has been designed to be particularly user-friendly, so that no programming knowledge is required. Load your images either via our MEDIA module or very practically via drag & drop. The system takes care of size and colour space.


Send newsletter flexibly

Send your newsletters and email campaigns flexibly via scheduled dispatch. This way you can be sure that your newsletters reach your customers or employees at the scheduled time. Including attachments such as PDF documents if desired.

Manage recipients and target groups clearly

With our easy-to-organise recipient and target group management, you always have a complete overview. You can easily create the recipients of your newsletters via the Excel or CSV import. Of course, you can also use your website for newsletter registration. Everything is GDPR compliant.



Create a selection of greeting texts and personalise all campaigns to suit your target group.

Receiver import

Import the recipients for your newsletter quickly and independently of each other. Assign individual characteristics to addressees.

Templates and building blocks

Create your email marketing with templates and variable modules individually tailored to your company.

Drag & Drop

Create a company-specific template or a completely new design to match your planned campaign! Thanks to drag & drop, designing with coconutbox is child's play.

Meaningful statistics for data analysis

  • clear dashboard with all important statistics on openings, clicks, etc.
  • real-time tracking of information at 15-minute intervals
  • click maps for detailed information about the most successful links
  • chronological display of click and opening activities
  • geolocating to evaluate your newsletter according to the origin of the recipients
  • evaluation according to end devices: Number of newsletter openings on desktop and mobile devices

After creating and sending your newsletter, track the success of your email campaign almost in real time.

The coconutbox for email marketing shows you all important key figures such as newsletter opens, newsletter unsubscribes, clicks and bounces. Opt for comfort, speed and successful newsletters with our newsletter tool.

Practical example

The problem: everyone does what they want

Tim's company sends out a monthly newsletter to all customers. Currently, due to sick leave and home office, this is always produced by a different employee. Unfortunately, no one adheres to the CI guidelines. Different colours are used all the time, pictures are not agreed upon and there have even been smileys in the subject line. Tim doesn't know what to do.

Our solution: Everything according to design specifications

Julia's company works with the coconutbox MAIL module. Here, the company colours and typography are already defined during the set-up, so that each newsletter is later created in a CI-compliant manner. In cooperation with the MEDIA module, only approved images can be used for the newsletter. This makes Julia's work so much easier and your boss happy.

The most important functions in the MAIL module

Prefabricated templates 

Simply use the templates from the mail programme to create the newsletter. They are optimally displayed on most email clients and browsers.

CI Guidelines

Declare your CI guidelines such as primary and secondary colours, typography and CTAs as fixed elements from the start so that all campaigns correspond to your CI.

Modular system

Create flexible templates adapted to your company as well as building blocks with the building block variants we create for you.

DSGVO compliance

A double opt-in and double opt-out procedure ensures that the recipient really wants to receive your newsletter.

Newsletter analysis

You can easily and quickly evaluate the performance of your newsletter to check whether the newsletter content is relevant to the target group and conducive to your goal.

Defining the target group

Use segments and tags to divide your entire list of recipients into smaller groups of addressees and then only deliver newsletters to them that are of interest to these groups.

The most important questions about coconutbox MAIL

Can I also send responsive newsletters?

In principle it is possible to send a responsive newsletter, but for this a special configuration for coconutbox MAIL is necessary.

Are all e-mail clients supported when receiving the newsletter?

The most common e-mail clients are supported when receiving newsletters.

Can the newsletters be sent automatically?

Yes, you can set a date and time for the newsletter to be sent automatically.

Can I evaluate the newsletter, for example, in terms of the number of openings?

Yes, an evaluation of the newsletter is possible. It can be tracked whether the newsletter was clicked on, images/media in the newsletter were opened/clicked on or how often the newsletter was opened/clicked on.

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