Digital Asset Management (MEDIA)

Viewing and distributing digital media can be so easy: With the digital asset management software of our coconutbox you can comfortably keep an eye on your media - from the clear display to the complete processes regarding administration and distribution.

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All media always in view

The coconutbox offers a perfect overview of all your documents. Let the Digital Asset Management System (DAM) flexibly search for files. Enter your own chosen search criteria such as categories, keywords or individual characteristics. You'll get a hit every time with our innovative digital asset management software. At the same time, the digital asset management solution tells you exactly how many media are stored where.


Supported file formats in Digital Asset Management

The Digital Asset Management of coconutbox supports all common file formats for documents, images, videos, audios and CAD. In addition, the digital asset management software creates an automated preview, for example online leaflet catalogues of the respective media.

Freely determine search and features

The Digital Asset Management of coconutbox grants you a freedom in searching files that exceeds your expectations. With our DAM managing you can adapt the structures of areas, categories and characteristics as well as individual views according to your wishes and needs. Define your own characteristics or properties for filtering the files. Sort categories or collections as you wish.



Find your media faster! Simply centralise everything on a single platform and adapt the presentation and structure individually to your company.


Share your media and information conveniently and securely from Digital Asset Management (DAM) - complete collections or selected individual media to internal or external people.


Use meaningful information about processing, shipping and distribution for the benefit of your media or files, including their characteristics.


With our digital asset management, you can easily manage versions of all kinds: watermarked, cropped and plain versions with a timestamp as an alternative.

Build, set up and design

  • Flexible declaration of content
  • automatic versioning
  • Integrated image processing
  • Preview for important file formats such as raw data, image files, Office and Adobe
  • Rule-based archiving, locking and deleting
  • Management of different contents according to languages and versions

Build your own basic concept together with us. Set up the features and attributes you need with our help and design the views freely according to your personal needs. You can see everything that is possible in the list alongside.

Practical example


Maike has all the pictures stored locally on her computer. She stores important pictures on the company drive. Unfortunately, she often cannot find the pictures she is looking for. The search function on your PC also only allows you to search by name or date. This all takes far too long.


Phillip's company has recently switched to coconutbox. With the MEDIA module, searching and finding media is child's play. Thanks to clever categorisation and many different attributes, he can find the image he needs in seconds via the integrated search.

The most important functions in the MEDIA module

Advanced search

Search quickly and conveniently in all files and metadata with our intelligent, detailed and advanced search. It is also possible to save and share the search queries.

Assign attributes

Assign attributes to media in the way that best suits you and your company. If you maintain these in a structured and careful way, they will be found very easily and long searches will become superfluous.

Find duplicates

Find duplicate media faster. The coconutbox automatically detects duplicates when uploading a file by means of data matching. You can then check them and decide manually if you want to remove or keep them.

Create versions

With coconutbox you can easily manage the versions of your media. All versions are saved in an archive with a time stamp and user ID and can be restored later.

Create collections

Use the coconutbox collections to create your own media collections. Share them internally with colleagues for collaboration or send your collections to external people for download.

Use GDPR compliant

Check image rights and the corresponding permission or refusal of the persons depicted to use the media in real time. Define your own purposes of use as well as DSGVO projects for better handling in conformity with the DSGVO guidelines.

The most important questions about coconutbox MEDIA

Can I edit graphics, images and photos in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator with the image management of coconutbox?

Through an extension of our Digital Asset Management by the Addon DRIVE it is possible to edit files with Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator and to version them after completion. Afterwards the released file can be used again for the coconutbox.


Which download formats does coconutbox support?

The most important download formats such as predefined or own created formats are included. Here you can find more information: (Link to overview of supported formats)

Can agencies and photographers simply upload media to coconutbox?

Yes, files can be categorised and/or tagged in advance. The agencies and/or photographers receive the corresponding link for uploading. In addition, they receive their own login and corresponding user rights through a registration form.

Does the MEDIA module recognise duplicates that means if images already exist?

Yes, our Digital Asset Management by coconutbox can recognise duplicates.

Which formats does coconutbox MEDIA support?

Die coconutbox unterstützt gängige Dateiformate wie JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD, EPS, …

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