Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With the coconut CRM platform you bundle sales, marketing and service teams optimally. The Customer Relationship Management System is suitable for the sustainable lifelong cooperation of customers via this one tool. Your customers will be as enthusiastic as you are. Create exceptional customer experiences with a remarkably versatile CRM system.

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Freely determine search criteria

The coconut CRM grants you a freedom in searching objects that will far exceed your expectations of a Customer Relationship Management. Customise area structures, categories and characteristics as well as views in our CRM tool freely according to your wishes and needs. Set your own characteristics or properties to filter objects. Sort categories or collections as you wish.

Increase productivity and turnover

At the right place at the best time: With coconutbox's Customer Relationship Management you reach your target group on the optimal platform or portal. We offer end-to-end business transparency, including a unified 360-degree view of the customer and their entire interaction with your company, across all channels and contacts.


Our Customer Relationship Management logs the complete usage. See who did what on which record. Investigate which links took place and what else interests you when using the CRM tool.



Find the objects you are looking for faster with the coconut Customer Relationship Management by simply bundling all contents on only one platform and adjust presentations and structures individually to your company.


Whether selected individual objects or complete collections: From the CRM of coconutbox your files reach internal and external persons comfortably and securely.


Get meaningful information about your used inputs as well as campaigns and its characteristics in your analyses on processing, dispatch and distribution.

Working together

Create a central location for your files with our CRM system. Improve the collaboration of your teams. Promote the creative potential of all users of the CRM tool involved.

Build, set up and design

  • flexible declaration of the contents
  • free definition of properties and characteristics
  • automatic logging
  • rule-based archiving, locking and deleting
  • management of different contents according to languages

With our Customer Relationship Management you get the possibility to freely build up your basic concept. You have a wide range of options at your disposal. When setting up, you can select characteristics and attributes as desired. You can also design the views according to your personal needs. Discover all the possibilities now!

Practical example

The problem: Missed opportunities due to a lack of CRM

Katrin is frustrated! Once again, her colleague Maik has forgotten to tell her that a customer called yesterday regarding a new enquiry. Unfortunately, this often leads to arguments and misunderstandings within Katrin's team - and inevitably to lost sales and customers.

Our solution: Optimally organised and accessible for all

Stefan collects all basic customer data in one place in his coconutbox. Every other employee who needs the data can also access it. Due to the strong transparency, Stefan can see which offers might be attractive for his customer in the near future. Thus, he increases conversions, sales, productivity, customer satisfaction and revenues for his company.

The most important functions in the CRM module

Advanced search

Search quickly and conveniently in detail in all data records and metadata with our Intelligent Advanced Search. You can also save and share your search queries.

Attribute vergeben

With coconutbox, the design of the attributes and module tabs can be individually adapted to your company. We are happy to implement customer requirements out of the box.

Powerful API

The coconutbox enables the simple connection to external systems via REST-API. This means that individual programming is also no problem for us.

Relevant customer relationships

See at a glance all relevant data about your customer and their relationships with other people or companies. Our log records who changed, added or deleted what, when and where.

Uncomplicated telephone connection

The synchronisation of phone books of your cloud telephone systems is easily possible for coconutbox. So you know exactly who is calling and can also dial phone numbers directly from the phone book/CRM.

Use DSGVO compliant

With our CRM software, person-specific data is automatically deleted when consent expires. Precise rights management makes it easy to show or hide access to information.

The most important questions about coconutbox CRM

Can I also make phone calls or send e-mails from CRM?

With the help of VoIP technology, telephone calls can be made directly from CRM. E-mails can be sent by opening the e-mail programme directly from CRM.

Do I still need Excel tables when using the coconutbox?

When using the CRM of coconutbox you don't need Excel anymore, which makes the handling much easier.

Is there a notification function for important appointments?

Yes, the coconutbox has a notification or reminder function which we can set up for you. If you wish, you will be reminded of your next appointments by email.

Can important documents such as Word or PDF be linked to the CRM?

Yes, various file formats can be uploaded via drag & drop into the coconutbox CRM and linked to it.

Can I link the CRM to other systems?

Yes, connections to many systems already existing in a company are easy to realise through the API of the CRM system.

Can I also export formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF or PPT from the system?

Yes, common formats such as PDF, PPT, CSV or XLS can be exported from the CRM.

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