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How digital asset management is integrated

Create requirements catalogue

The future DAM users are to be involved throughout the entire duration of the project. This includes the definition of requirements, process design and testing of the functions. Those responsible from product management, sales, marketing and corporate management ensure an organised process.

For a common vision, all the requirements of the relevant areas must be formulated, collated and prioritised as to which systems, such as a content management system or product information management, should be connected to the DAM. Strategic aspects such as expansion, new business units, long-term changes to the product range or digitalisation must also be taken into account.

It is a matter of describing exactly which files are available and used in the company. In addition, the information architecture must be defined at the beginning of an implementation project. This also applies to metadata with which the files are described.

It is important to properly document all processes involved in creating, managing, providing or distributing digital content. We explain all the important work processes so that they can be properly mapped during implementation.


Product experts promote the DAM solution in different departments and support other users in using it. With digital asset management, it is also ultimately helpful to define the most important categories such as file type, departments, clients, industry, etc. and to create subcategories.

Before comparing providers, one should document all marketing processes and determine which ones need to be optimised. In this context, a uniform brand image ensures that brand guidelines can be easily integrated into digital asset management.

Project management and system set-up

Role-based training sessions can provide users with the skills they need to operate the system and efficiently help them with daily tasks (in marketing). Further functions are then integrated as needed.

A pilot phase is recommended to monitor the use of digital asset management, gather feedback, measure implementation measures and enable the development of relevant DAM competencies.

User training including support

The product experts take care of training in different departments. A contact person is happy to answer their questions about DAM. Professional support is also provided here for problems and complications.
Keeping staff regularly informed about updates and new features is key. Meetings with the provider are used to explore improvements and new possibilities.


The requirements of digital asset management are about the functions needed to organise files as desired. In the workshop, the optimisation of the marketing processes plays an important role, whereby it is necessary to introduce functions step by step and to support the user with questions or problems.

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