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With the digital solution "coconutbox" we help companies to simplify workflows and thus give people more time for more important things.

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We find the optimal solution for everything

Discover now our different functions and modules that interact together to simplify and automate organisation, media and content management and publishing.


Keep your media conveniently in view - from the clear display to the complete processes regarding administration and distribution.


Use it to store all kinds of information or media - text, images, videos, audio files or media content, PDF files and PowerPoint presentations.


Enable a lifetime of collaboration with your customers through just this one CRM tool. Your customers will be as excited as you are.


Use the secure file sharing system for data exchange, data storage and team collaboration.


Create your newsletter within a few minutes - without any programming knowledge of your own!


We will guide you unerringly through the requirements of European data protection law.

Discover our other modules such as Projects, Social and Teams. We also offer all modules conveniently as desktop applications (APP). Just ask us.



coconutbox is modular and can thus be individually and granularly configured to ideally fit the company's brand. coconutbox impresses with its optimal user interface and user-friendliness, which has been rated as very good by customers. User-friendliness is a top priority for many buyers.

Easy operation

Extremely simple, modern and device-independent user interface that requires no training

Always in the thick of it

Integration into existing systems on external and internal servers or in a cloud

Make a wish

customisable down to the last detail thanks to flexible views, attributes, features, categories and project management

Online + offline

Completely web-based platform (no browser plug-ins, no installations at the workplace)

"Times change, tasks change, requirements grow - coconutbox keeps pace. Even when problems arise, neither our innovative software nor our friendly, expert support lets you down." 

Roman Thronicke, CEO

Simple connection to your systems

With the API of our coconutbox, connections to webshops, PIM and many other systems can be set up particularly easily. The programming interface includes the entire functionality, is fully documented and has an integrated test option.

How customers become partners

We at coconutbox Dresden love our job and are fascinated by our clientele. Through our work we get to know so many different people and industries, there is no chance of boredom. Trade, industry or public service: they have all been with us.

Our Sales Team

Innovation, reliability and transparency are at the heart of our communication with our customers. Thanks to the combination of performance strength and expert knowledge, our customers can rely on reliability, consistency and quality whenever they choose coconutbox.


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We don't sell - we help!

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We will find a solution, together.

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The most important questions

What is coconutbox?

coconutbox is a resource management system which can be used across departments. It simplifies and accelerates all processes in corporate communication through individual and highly flexible system modules. The modern and simple user interface is effortlessly adapted to your company and easily integrated into the completely web-based platform.

Why coconutbox?

coconutbox accelerates and simplifies all processes in your corporate communication by means of different system modules, such as:

the targeted coordination of workflows and tasks
the fast collaboration on different documents
the clever management of all files like documents, pictures, videos etc.
easy publishing of HTML newsletters
centralised publishing of print media
the structured control of content in all the channels
We have aroused your interest? Test all of the advantages with our coconutbox demo version now!


Which module is right for me?

CONTENT - Storing, processing and publishing information of all types succeeds effortlessly and effectively with the central content management of coconutbox®.

CRM - Seamlessly bundle and manage customer service on all channels: The CRM solution by coconutbox® offers flexible processes which adapt to the development of your company.

FILE - Secure communication with simplified and faster workflows: With our file programme the exchange of files becomes child's play.

MAIL - Our user-friendly coconutbox® newsletter system masters internal and external mailings from simple to complicated - target group oriented and multilingual.

MEDIA - Distribution and administration of digital media is particularly efficient with the Digital Asset Management (DAM) by coconutmedia.


How much does the coconutbox cost?

The coconutbox adapts exatly to your needs, not the other way round. Which services do you need in detail? What challenges do you face? Tell us about yourself and your company. This rounds off the overall picture for us, so that we can work out a targeted offer for you. As soon as we know all the relevant information, we can advise you comprehensively and quote you a reliable price.

Do I get technical support?

Have a technical question or need support? We offer FREE technical support to all customers with a maintenance contract. You can send all requests directly from coconutbox via email to our technical support. In our ticket system you have access to all requests from your company so that you can see the processing status at any time.

What about special requests?

Due to its modular structure, coconutbox can be configured individually and granularly and can therefore be customised down to the last detail - also thanks to flexible views, attributes, characteristics, categories and project management. Instead of current trends off the peg, we provide you with problem solutions that are individually tailored to your needs. Contact us to receive a customised offer.

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